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Chicken Cashew Curry

Chicken Cashew Curry

If you’re ready to take your curry exploration to the next level, look no further… Not just any ordinary chicken curry – this cashew curry bears a royal touch and uses cashew nuts as its main flavoring element. You’ll be amazed at the variety of tastes that come through in each bite of this cashew… 

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Palak Paneer Pot Pie - Spinach and Cottage Cheese Pie

‘Palak Paneer’ Pot Pie – Spinach and Cottage Cheese Pie

Sometimes the simplest ideas are also the most effective ones.  This Palak Paneer Pot Pie is one of them. Homemade version of popular Indian classic ‘Palak Paneer’ (Palak = spinach and Paneer = fresh cottage cheese) is ladled into ramekin bowls, topped with pie crust and baked to golden goodness. The taste is as sensational… 

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Image Credit: mer-ka-bah.com

Announcement: My Course on Parsi Food Coming Soon to Mer-ka-bah UK

If you’re anything like me (and I fancy most of my readers are like me!) the first thing you want to know is – ‘What is Mer-ka-bah?’  Mer-ka-bah UK is a great platform for busy people who want to optimize all facets of their lives, health and personalities. Read more on how they do this… 

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Chutney & Pickle

Let’s Go Chutney and Pickle Hunting

For the last post on chutneys and pickles, I’m stepping away from Peri’s Spice Ladle, and shining the spotlight on some of the amazing condiment creations, served up by my fellow bloggers on their websites. Get ready to be dazzled by colorful, tangy, spicy and sweet chutney and pickle condiments; each one is a mouthwatering bite… 

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2-Step Mango Pickle, a Simple Everyday Use Condiment

2-Step Mango Pickle : A Dollop of Delight

It’s really quite simple to make healthy mangoes a part of your meal; and a taste of my 2-step raw mango pickle will show you just how to do it. It comes as no surprise that India produces almost half of the world’s mangoes, and also consumes most of them. Mangoes make their way easily… 

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Spicy Date Chutney -a Delectable Spread or Dipping Sauce

Spicy Date Chutney – a Delectable Spread or Dipping Sauce

Tangy. Spicy. Sweet. Unbeatable. Like any good chutney, today’s Spicy Date Chutney, which is part of my month long spotlight on chutneys and pickles, meets all the above criteria; bringing a mix of tastes to your palate. To give a brief background – date chutneys are commonly served in the Indian cuisine as a dipping… 

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Spicy Indian-style Pickled Shallots

What are Chutneys & Pickles? And Indian-style Pickled Shallots Recipe

One of the great things about a topic as diverse as chutneys and pickles is: just about anything works.  And here’s what I mean by ‘anything works.’ Take your favorite ingredient – I mean it, any favorite ingredient from cranberries and tomatoes, to garlic, fresh chilies and gourd – and pickle it in oil, vinegar,… 

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