‘Palak Paneer’ Pot Pie – Spinach and Cottage Cheese Pie

Palak Paneer Pot Pie - Spinach and Cottage Cheese Pie

Sometimes the simplest ideas are also the most effective ones.  This Palak Paneer Pot Pie is one of them. Homemade version of popular Indian classic ‘Palak Paneer’ (Palak = spinach and Paneer = fresh cottage cheese) is ladled into ramekin bowls, topped with pie crust and baked to golden goodness. The taste is as sensational… 

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Slow-Cooked Indian Lentils and Spinach served over Basmati Rice: Palak Chana Daal

Slow-cooked Indian Lentil Preparation, Palak Chana Daal made with Gram Lentils and Fresh Spinach with Indian Aromatics and Spices…Best Served over Steaming Hot Basmati Rice

Although a year-round favorite in our home, I can’t think of a better time than the changing seasons to bring you this slow-cooker recipe for yet another amazing Indian lentil preparation, Palak Chana Daal (check out other lentil preparations- Daals under my category ‘Lentils and Other Grains‘.) Adding wholesomeness to any meal as an entree… 

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Baked Kale and Potato Dumplings – The ‘Batata Vada’ Reinvented

Baked Kale and Potato Dumplings Served As-is or in a Bread Roll Smeared with your Favorite Chutney or Dry Garlic Chutney

In most parts of the world, school is back in session. In addition to homework-tantrums and the proverbial hunt for lost shoes at 7am; there’s need for quick, easy and wholesome workday family meals. Well, Peri’s Spice Ladle is right here to help out with this long list of simple weekday meal ideas. And here’s… 

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Delectable Indian-inspired Grills and Kebabs

Grilled South Indian-style Lamb Chops are Guaranteed Meat Satisfaction

Last summer, in my biweekly Indian-inspired Grills and Kebab Series, offering mouthwatering kebab recipes and grilling ideas inspired by a variety of regional Indian cuisines; I covered many Indian favorites like Chicken Drumstick Kebabs, Fennel Spiced Pork Ribs and Potato-Peas Tikkis. Here’s where you’ll find the entire collection of delectable and stunningly simple marinades and… 

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Spinach and Mint Flatbread : Honey Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Spinach and Mint Flatbread: Honey Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Indian breads have become increasingly popular in the western world…these melt-in-your-mouth favorites are low on spice and simply delicious, served hot off the griddle or ‘Tandoor’ (Indian clay oven) with a dab of butter. While Indian breads continue to remain a restaurant treat for most Indian food-lovers, there are lots of awesome Indian flatbreads that… 

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An Indian-style Spinach Curry with Mushrooms

An Indian-Style Spinach Curry with Mushrooms

Aren’t we all looking for more ways to get spinach into our meals? Isn’t there always room for ‘more green’ in our daily diet? Well, this Indian-style ‘green’ spinach curry is a really delicious answer to both those questions. Inspired by the popular Indian entrée ‘Palak Paneer’ (spinach base with cottage cheese cubes), I’ve crafted this versatile… 

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