Focus on Whole Grains: 5 Hearty Sides Recipes

Couscous Chaat, with Flavors Inspired Indian Street Food

Meaty Kebabs and spicy fish Tikkas, flavorful lamb chops and juicy chicken bites are all part of the magic that is summer.  But for today’s post, let’s spare a thought to these sides made with hearty whole grains, each one is a delightfully wholesome serving to complement and complete a meal, whatever the occasion. Indian… 

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Slow-cooked Daal Tadka: India’s Favorite Lentils

Slow-cooked Daal Tadka: India's Favorite Tempered Lentil Preparation

Hearty, healthy, wholesome…vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free; India’s well-known tempered lentil preparation ‘Daal Tadka’ deserves all its accolades.  This recipe for my slow-cooker version of homemade Daal Tadka was created for Zenfully Delicious (an amazing resource for gluten-free living,) along with an article ‘The Lowdown on Lentils.‘ An Indian meal is considered incomplete unless it is accompanied… 

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The Incredible Parsi Dhansak with Caramelized Basmati Rice and Kachumber Salad

Lentil Vegetable and Meat Parsi Dhansak with Traditional Accompaniments of Caramelized Basmati Rice and Kachumber salad

If it were better known globally, ‘Dhansak’ a Parsi Cuisine specialty of lentils, vegetables and meat would easily win the award for ‘Incredible One Pot Wonder.’ Another stalwart of the Parsi Cuisine, Dhansak Daal (better known as just ‘Dhansak’,) flavored with Indian spices and inspired by ancient Persian cooking methods, manages to draw attention to its… 

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Slow-Cooked Indian Lentils and Spinach served over Basmati Rice: Palak Chana Daal

Slow-cooked Indian Lentil Preparation, Palak Chana Daal made with Gram Lentils and Fresh Spinach with Indian Aromatics and Spices…Best Served over Steaming Hot Basmati Rice

Although a year-round favorite in our home, I can’t think of a better time than the changing seasons to bring you this slow-cooker recipe for yet another amazing Indian lentil preparation, Palak Chana Daal (check out other lentil preparations- Daals under my category ‘Lentils and Other Grains‘.) Adding wholesomeness to any meal as an entree… 

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A Good Ole Bowl of Whole-Grain Indian Lentils (Masoor Daal)

masoor daal

Bet you didn’t know this… Right here in America, every year since 1989, the worthy lentils are hailed and celebrated at The National Lentil Festival in Pullman, WA.  Fun fact: The chili bowl at this festival can hold 650 gallons of lentil chili, which is stirred using river paddles (clean ones!) A while back, I wrote this interesting… 

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Grilled South Indian-style Lamb Chops Served with Yellow Daal

Grilled South Indian-style Lamb Chops

Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails on our Chicken Drumstick Kebabs with Yogurt Cilantro Chutney. Here is our second serving in the Indian-inspired Grills and Kebab Series… Ever wondered which came first, ‘The Chicken or the Lamb?’ While the funny part of that question is generally the lack of a definitive answer…I can… 

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