Mint and Cardamon Parsi ‘Choi’ or Chai – An Indian Tea

Parsi 'Choi' or Chai, an Indian Tea Infused with Fresh Mint, Lemongrass and Ginger along with Cardamom

Wishing readers all around the globe a very Happy 2014!  In the same vein as last year, I’m starting the New Year like I start each new day, with a steaming hot fragrant cup of Chai or Indian tea.  And the flavorful cup of Indian tea coming up today is a personal favorite Parsi-style ‘Choi’… 

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A Delightful Indian High-Tea ‘Chai’ Party

Savory Puff-pastry style Parsi ‘Khari’ Biscuits, Best Dipped in a Cup of Chai

On the High Tea menu Ginger Spiced Chai – An Indian Tea Preparation Parsi Cumin and Almond ‘Khari’ Biscuit Pistachio and Saffron Rice Pudding (Kheer) Cheese Chili Toast Triangles Isn’t it surprising that India is a predominantly tea drinking nation? With its hot Indian summers and humid warm monsoons, one would think lassi or even… 

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Masala Chai…A Simple Cup of Indian Spiced Tea

tea Chai chai latte

Happy New Year to our wonderful readers and followers! Like our mornings, let’s start this year off with a steaming hot cup of Indian spiced tea ‘Masala Chai’. Few Indian culinary specialties have a larger worldwide fan following than the well-known Indian tea preparation ‘Masala Chai’, better known as just ‘Chai’. In the past decade,… 

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Ginger Spiced Chai – An Indian Tea Preparation

Ginger spiced Chai- Indian Tea, a globally accessible (read: easy to make) version of my favorite beverage

India is a Chai (tea) drinking nation and the second largest tea producer in the world. The popular ‘Chai stall’ is part of the urban and rural landscape of India (although Southern India is a largely coffee drinking section of the country.) It’s common to see people from all walks of life stand by the… 

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