Delectable Indian-inspired Grills and Kebabs

Grilled South Indian-style Lamb Chops are Guaranteed Meat Satisfaction

Last summer, in my biweekly Indian-inspired Grills and Kebab Series, offering mouthwatering kebab recipes and grilling ideas inspired by a variety of regional Indian cuisines; I covered many Indian favorites like Chicken Drumstick Kebabs, Fennel Spiced Pork Ribs and Potato-Peas Tikkis. Here’s where you’ll find the entire collection of delectable and stunningly simple marinades and… 

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Coming soon – The Indian-inspired Grills and Kebab Series

Grills and Kebab Series Poster

Its summer time at Peri’s Spice Ladle! Every 2nd Friday from May through August, we will present mouthwatering Indian-inspired kebab or grill recipes; complete with serving suggestions & accompaniments like chutney, pulao (flavored rice), daal (lentils) & refreshing lassi (yogurt drinks). So dust off the grill covers & get your spices ready; we’re taking your taste buds on a ‘grilling’… 

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