Tikka Tikki & Spicy Bites

Aloha! Maui Hawaii in Pictures

Phenomenal Blow Holes - with Stunning Rainbows

In the middle of working on our book ‘Tikka Tikki & Spicy Bites,’ we managed to fit in a week long family vacation to Maui Hawaii in April.   If you still haven’t got a copy of our handy kebabs cookbook, please do check it out, it’s perfect for the start of grilling season –… 

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Chutney & Pickle

Let’s Go Chutney and Pickle Hunting

For the last post on chutneys and pickles, I’m stepping away from Peri’s Spice Ladle, and shining the spotlight on some of the amazing condiment creations, served up by my fellow bloggers on their websites. Get ready to be dazzled by colorful, tangy, spicy and sweet chutney and pickle condiments; each one is a mouthwatering bite… 

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2-Step Mango Pickle, a Simple Everyday Use Condiment

2-Step Mango Pickle : A Dollop of Delight

It’s really quite simple to make healthy mangoes a part of your meal; and a taste of my 2-step raw mango pickle will show you just how to do it. It comes as no surprise that India produces almost half of the world’s mangoes, and also consumes most of them. Mangoes make their way easily… 

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Spicy Date Chutney -a Delectable Spread or Dipping Sauce

Spicy Date Chutney – a Delectable Spread or Dipping Sauce

Tangy. Spicy. Sweet. Unbeatable. Like any good chutney, today’s Spicy Date Chutney, which is part of my month long spotlight on chutneys and pickles, meets all the above criteria; bringing a mix of tastes to your palate. To give a brief background – date chutneys are commonly served in the Indian cuisine as a dipping… 

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Spicy Indian-style Pickled Shallots

What are Chutneys & Pickles? And Indian-style Pickled Shallots Recipe

One of the great things about a topic as diverse as chutneys and pickles is: just about anything works.  And here’s what I mean by ‘anything works.’ Take your favorite ingredient – I mean it, any favorite ingredient from cranberries and tomatoes, to garlic, fresh chilies and gourd – and pickle it in oil, vinegar,… 

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Chutneys & Pickles

Spotlight on Chutneys and Pickles

Chutneys and pickles are one of the rare genres of cooking that come together very simply, and in a small amount of time – but pack an intense flavor punch to any meal, from kebab and curries, to sandwiches, salads and wraps.   Plus you have the added benefit of naturally long shelf life with most chutneys and… 

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I Think So

Food Musings

Once in a while, I like to put my ladle down and muse…and one of my favorite platforms for visual browsing is Pinterest (here is a link to my boards, join me if you’re on Pinterest.)  Here are some of some fun quotes from the past few months – food musings that will bring on… 

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