• Homemade Indian Naan…Gets Grilled
  • Summer-perfect Indian-inspired Grills and Kebab
  • Green Garlic and Chilies Scrambled Eggs Baguette, a Parsi Favorite Revisited
  • Slow-cooked Daal Tadka: India’s Favorite Lentils
  • Chicken and Vegetable Brown Rice ‘Rainbow’ Pulao

Black Pepper Lemon and Tarragon Chicken Tikka

Black Pepper Lemon and Tarragon Chicken Tikka, New Twist on an Indian Classic

There’s something about global culinary favorite ‘Chicken Tikka’ that brings back memories of my summer trip across India last year. (View mouthwatering food pictures from my travels here and here.) Family vacations filled with bonding moments, spent exploring the food and culture of a city and its people, freshen ones perspective and opens the mind… 

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Mouthwatering Bites of Tandoor-style Spiced Mahi-Mahi Fish Tikka Kebab

Lemony Masala Mahi-Mahi Fish Tikka Kebab

A simple blend of Indian spices (masala) and a generous dash of lemon can turn a rather bland piece of fish into pure magic… Take it a step further and put the spice marinated tikka-size fish on a hot outdoor grill, and you’ve got mouthwatering bites of tandoor-style fish tikka kebab. While I’ve used Mahi-Mahi… 

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Homemade Indian Naan Gets Grilled

Homemade Indian Naan…Gets Grilled

One of the most enthusiastic reactions to a recipe on this site has been for my Homemade Garlic and Thyme Naan, which was part of the recent Indian bread series.  Behold Indian Naan dough that comes as close to a real-deal Tandoori naan as possible in a homemade version. Plus the handy list of ideas for… 

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Fennel Spiced Pork Ribs Topped with an Onion-Cilantro Tempering

Summer-perfect Indian-inspired Grills and Kebab

Indian cuisine’s love for right-off-the-fire food is not limited to meats; the legendary style of Tandoor cooking extends to a variety of Indian breads, delightful array of vegetable grills, unique fire-roasted fresh cottage cheese (Paneer tikka) as well as charred meat kebabs.  In the first year of Peri’s Spice Ladle, I created recipes for the Indian-inspired… 

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Parsi Favorite Green Garlic and Chilies Scrambled Eggs Topped with Cheese and Slathered over a Crusty Baguette

Green Garlic and Chilies Scrambled Eggs Baguette, a Parsi Favorite Revisited

In this easy recipe, I’ve turned a Parsi scrambled eggs childhood favorite ‘Marcha Lasan Nu Endu’ into a rather stylish delicious bite. The Parsi love of eggs has often been mentioned on my site; to revisit a few egg classics, click here and here and here and here. Growing up in a Parsi family means… 

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Slow-cooked Daal Tadka: India's Favorite Tempered Lentil Preparation

Slow-cooked Daal Tadka: India’s Favorite Lentils

Hearty, healthy, wholesome…vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free; India’s well-known tempered lentil preparation ‘Daal Tadka’ deserves all its accolades.  This recipe for my slow-cooker version of homemade Daal Tadka was created for Zenfully Delicious (an amazing resource for gluten-free living,) along with an article ‘The Lowdown on Lentils.‘ An Indian meal is considered incomplete unless it is accompanied… 

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Mouthwatering Indian-inspired Food for the Global Palate: Corn & Red Pepper Fiesta 'Chaat' in Mini-Fillo Cups

Meet My Fellow Indian Food Blogs

Unlike professional food websites run by large corporations, food blogs are a solo act, run on one person’s passion for food.  Always focused on bringing readers home-cooked realistic meals; bloggers don’t have an assistant on hand to shop-n-chop, or professional photographers styling and propping the food.  I’ve been fortunate to connect with many amazing food,… 

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