Mint and Tomato Basmati Rice

When life gives you tomatoes, make tomato rice.

With tomatoes being a year round produce in India, it’s common to find regional versions of tomato rice.

Fortunately, tomatoes are just as abundantly available here in America, giving me the opportunity to belt out classics like tomato-based fish curry and Parsi tomato egg tart.

For this recipe, I’ve used touches from the south and western cuisines of India to create a simple time-tested recipe for gluten-free and vegan minty tomato rice.

Mint and Tomato Basmati Rice

Mint and Tomato Basmati Rice

Fragrant Basmati rice is cooked in puréed fresh tomatoes. The flavors are delicately balanced with chopped garlic, mix of whole spices, fresh mint and cilantro.

The result: aromatic and moist tomato rice with the taste of fresh mint which will fill your senses with mouthwatering joy.

Mint and Tomato Basmati Rice served steaming hot makes a wholesome entree or a versatile side to your favorite chicken tikka or vegetable.

Steaming Hot Mint and Tomato Basmati Rice Makes a Wholesome Entree or Side

Steaming Hot Mint and Tomato Basmati Rice Makes a Wholesome Entree or Side

This recipe is part of my cookbook ‘Spice Up Your Celebration’ which offers Indian Inspired recipes for your occasions, holidays and entertaining. Click This Link for Details.

Using old Indian entertaining wisdom and today’s modern approach to food from a global perspective, my cookbook ‘Spice Up Your Celebration’ offers an easy to prepare collection of mouthwatering recipes that can be used for any occasion from intimate family and friends dinners, to hosting larger holiday celebrations.

As always, my dishes are inspired by India’s varied and flavorful smorgasbord of regional cuisines and made with everyday fresh ingredients, basic spices and simple step-wise directions. Spice Up Your Celebration - Cookbook

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    Hi thanks for linking this post to ONLY gluten free but would appreciate that you provide a link to my event announcement in your post for accepting in the event. TIA

  2. says

    Such a delicious, refreshing rice dear Peri, I love how you flavor it with spices and chili. We make tomato rice in Turkish cuisine too and I look forward to exploring flavor variations with your spices, many thanks! :) Ozlem xx

    • says

      Thanks Ozlem! I’m gonna check out your Turkish version too. Love the idea of creating a variation! Whole spices, garlic and chili can really work magic with tomato flavors:) xx Peri.

  3. says

    This sounds heavenly and has all the spices I love. We just came back from a road trip to NC and the produce stands of tasty home grown tomatoes was a treat. I need to grow mint in a pot.

    • says

      How lovely! I think of tomato rice especially at this time of year too…our farmer market is filled with beautiful variety, plump and juicy ones:) oh yes Lynne, make sure mint gets put in a pot of its own, else it’ll overtake your garden! It grows really fast. Thanks!

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