Parsley and Potato Raita: a Refreshing Yogurt Salad

Potato salads with mayonnaise are a staple and popular summer side option. 

Much as I adore the deliciousness of one; meaty kebabs, delightful Pulao and spicy burgers call for a lighter but equally flavorful potato side.

What if we replace rich mayo with refreshing yogurt and well-known Indian flavors to create a potato Raita or Indian yogurt salad? 

To offer a brief introduction, Raita is a classic yogurt salad accompaniment to Indian food, especially with kebabs and rice preparations like Pulao and Biryanis. It comprises of a combination of fresh vegetables or fruits (and sometimes lentils,) along with a thick yogurt dressing of warm spices, flavorings and herbs.

My mom’s much-loved Raita dressing made with creamy yogurt and a hint of yellow mustard and sugar, spicy chili pepper, smoky cumin and black pepper, has been a family favorite through the years.

Parsley and Potato Raita, a Refreshing Indian Yogurt Salad

Parsley and Potato Raita, a Refreshing Indian Yogurt Salad

And although cilantro is a more common herb choice in Indian food, for my potato salad I prefer fresh parsley to add the right touch of whimsy to this simple two-step recipe.

The best part; parsley and potato Raita can be prepared in advance and refrigerated for the flavors to blend. 

Now, that’s a deal I’m always up for…

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    Nice little combination your have there Peri. I have liked the potato- yoghurt combo otherwise as well.. In a salad, I havent yet tried. But will surely do.

    Nice post though.

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