Let’s Celebrate One Year with a Parsi Wedding Stew

Peri’s Spice Ladle is one year old…

It’s the same feeling I had when my little ones turned a year old. Their fun infant stages brought so much joy and laughter, I didn’t realize the passage of time (could’ve also been the sleep deprivation.)

A Delicious Blend of Flavors: Mixed Vegetable Bulgur Pulao

Our Previous Flavorful Serving:
Mixed Vegetable Bulgur Pulao

Now that we’re a year wiser, with better knowledge of what our followers & readers expect from Peri’s Spice Ladle, it’s time to get geared up for year two.

We’ve got some interesting changes in the pipelines, with many more useful resources, to get everyone with a kitchen and a love for Indian food flavors, churning up home-cooked Indian- inspired meals.

Peri’s Spice Ladle was started with a notion that while Indian food has a global fan following (which my blog statistics now show to be true,) there is still some hesitation to cook it at home, perhaps due to a perception of difficult cooking techniques and inaccessible ingredients.

So, our mission ‘to add Indian-inspired flavors to everyday favorites and tweak Indian classics for a more global appeal’ remains stronger than ever.

As we offer more informative articles that demystify Indian food, we’ll continue to walk you through all the steps in our recipes, offering easily-available ingredients or substitutions wherever required, while maintaining the essence of Indian flavors.

Today’s recipe for Parsi Stew is a wonderful way to celebrate our one year anniversary; it goes back to my roots and to happy memories of special occasions, Parsi weddings & Navjotes (Zoroastrian religious ceremony similar to a Christening or Bar Mitzvah.)

Parsi Wedding Lagan nu Stew, with Tangy Spiced Vegetables

Parsi Lagan (Wedding) nu Stew, with Tangy Spiced Vegetables

This healthy, vegetable-rich, gluten-free Parsi stew looks and tastes unlike any other you’ve ever had, made using seasonal vegetables like sweet potatoes or yams along with carrots, green peas and bell peppers, with a unique flavoring blend of cider vinegar, sugar and Worcestershire sauce.

In its authentic version, Parsi Wedding Stew is probably not as healthy, since each vegetable needs to be deep-fried individually. But our recipe takes the frying out of the picture with one easy change, we oven-roast the vegetables, leaving everything else in the recipe much the same as we make it at home for special events and potlucks.

Thanks for joining the party and we look forward to another interesting year!

Parsi Wedding Stew

This recipe is part of my cookbook ‘Spice Up Your Celebration’ which offers Indian Inspired recipes for your occasions, holidays and entertaining. Click This Link for Details.

Using old Indian entertaining wisdom and today’s modern approach to food from a global perspective, my cookbook ‘Spice Up Your Celebration’ offers an easy to prepare collection of mouthwatering recipes that can be used for any occasion from intimate family and friends dinners, to hosting larger holiday celebrations.

As always, my dishes are inspired by India’s varied and flavorful smorgasbord of regional cuisines and made with everyday fresh ingredients, basic spices and simple step-wise directions. Spice Up Your Celebration - Cookbook

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  1. Antara says

    Loved this, Peri. I made it yesterday and some fiends who were visiting wiped their plates clean TWICE! I also added roasted brussells sprouts since I had those on hand :-)

    • says

      Thank you, Antara! So happy to hear you tried the Parsi stew:) I’ve always had the same experience. Once took it for a potluck and it was wiped clean with no seconds! Love the Brussels sprouts idea! Thanks for sharing it, plan to try it the next time:) xxPeri.

  2. says

    Congratulations on your anniversary! What a beautiful recipe and it sounds positively healthy the way you make it. Was surprised to see one of my favourites, Worcestershire Sauce, in there..wonderful! Looking forward to making this one,

  3. says

    Dearest Peri, happy happy 1st year!! how time flies, and so very deliciously too, thanks to you: ) it’s been such a pleasure to share this foodie journey with you, grateful to your amazing company, healthy, delicious Indian food that we can now recreate in our homes, thanks to you :) A big toast to you, here is to many more! xxx Ozlem : )

    • says

      Dearest Ozlem, it is a wonderful feeling, completing one year doing something I love, is a sense of achievement tough to describe! I’m so blessed to have such supporting friends like you and such amazing followers:) Thank you for being with me on this journey, it helps to know I always have an experienced blogger to count on! Xxx Peri.

  4. says

    oh my oh my oh my! What a superb way to begin the new year. I am always looking for new ways to spice up my vegetables (which are a huge part of my daily food) and still enjoying your Pav Bhaji almost every week. I look forward this week to trying out this recipe which sounds just scrumptious! Hope to get to it today or tomorrow depending on how many of the ingredients are missing in my kitchen! :-)
    Mazal Tov on beginning a new year…we, your readers, are most definitely blessed to have found you!
    much love light and JOY

    • says

      Thank you, thank you, toda, dear Jane, your kind words are so appreciated! Funnily, my two favorite indian mixed vegetable recipes are pav bhaji and this stew! That’s not counting all the things I do with mixed vegetables and rice/bulgur/couscous/lentils, those are countless!! Feel free to swap out the veges for this recipe and add your special Jane-touch to it:) xxPeri

  5. Eha says

    Happy, happy anniversary and all the best for the forthcoming year! Being very fond of sweet potatoes, this will be an exciting new recipe to file and try :) !

    • says

      Thank you so much! This stew is my favorite for the same reason, I love sweet potatoes! Most authentic versions of this stew use regular potatoes too, I just double up on the sweet potatoes!

  6. Rusangel says

    Congratulations on your first year anniversary. I love our Parsi stew and love the idea of roasting the vegetables instead of frying them. Will definitely try it out. Thanks for sharing all the yummy recipes.

    • says

      Thank you for the wishes! Our stew really is comforting and filled with fun memories. You know, mum and I discovered the roasting trick by accident once when we were making it for a potluck! We’ve never fried again, even cauliflower tastes so much better roasted:)

  7. says

    Oh this looks splendid! I’m actually studying in Denmark at the moment for four months, and the cuisine here has been quite meat-heavy. However, a wonderful vegetable stew like this one would be a splendid break! I think I’m going to try making it next week!

    • says

      Thanks Kat, you’ve been a wonderful e-friend, greatly appreciate your support:) Thought the wedding stew makes a nice celebratory dish instead of cakes and desserts (much as I love those too!)

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