Blog of the Year 2012 and More… A Heartfelt Thank You!

This week, we will complete one year in the blogosphere, with gratitude for our blogging journey and for every reader/follower who has joined Peri’s Spice Ladle on its quest to create Indian-inspired food for the Global Palate.

Thanks for all your insightful comments and wonderful likes, for reading our posts and trying our recipes…and for these awards, a ‘nod’ from fellow-bloggers telling us you enjoy what we serve here.

Today, as we give our heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all these amazing writers, bloggers and photographers who’ve passed these awards to us, we take this opportunity to pass along our good wishes to bloggers whose writings and musings, delicious recipes and stunning photographs fill our lives with joy.

To keep this post at a decent length, we’ve posted links to the award rules and passed along each award to 5 blogs that we follow and enjoy reading. Do check out their smorgasbord of writings, recipes and photography on offer…

Blog of the year 2012

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg Thank You to:

Rules and Badges: Can be found here and at the  Blog of the Year 2012 website.

And the award goes to:

  1. Ozlem’s Turkish Table
  2. Jane’s India Journals- India 2008-2012
  3. Travel.Garden. Eat.
  4. Sugar and Spice Baking
  5. Chica Andaluza

Beautiful Blogger Award

beautiful-blogger-award Thank You to:

Rules: Please click here or here.

And the Award Goes to: 

  1. Living the Food Life
  2. Cooking Fever
  3. Soul Of Spice
  4. the cook to love project
  5. Nourish

Inspiring Blog Award

inspiring-blog-award1 Thank You to:

Rules: Click here or here

And the Award Goes to:

  1. Just a Smidgen
  2. Eat Breathe Yogini
  3. In Mama Steph’s Kitchen
  4. Tracy Lee Karner
  5. Cooks and Facts

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award11 Thank you to Kat from Travel.Garden.Eat. for this award.

Rules: Can be found at Kat’s website.

The Award goes to:  

  1. edible vie
  2. Food for the Italian Soul
  3. artishaa
  4. Cooking with Corinna
  5. She Wolf In The Kitchen

Very Inspiring Blogger

very-inspirational-blogger2 Thank You to:

Rules: Since this is our second round, rules can be found in our previous acceptance post.

And the Award Goes to: 

  1. For Your Good Health
  2. My French Heaven
  3. Live Blissful
  4. Decorum DIYer
  5. Creativeliz

Illuminating Blogger Award

illuminatingbloggeraward Thank you to Kat from Travel.Garden.Eat for this lovely award.

Rules: can be found here.

And the Award Goes to:

  1. Global Geek Garnish
  2. Susartandfoodblog
  3. Veggiewhatnow
  4. Menus of a Mom
  5. soy & ginger

Liebster Award

liebster-award new Thank You to:

Rules: Since this is our second round, rules can be found in our previous acceptance post.

And the Award Goes to: 

  1. A Mere Mortal
  2. Realistic Cooking for Busy People
  3. Dad Knows
  4. Bariatric Babe
  5. INTREPID allergy mum

Sunshine Award

sunshine-award- thrid Thank You to:

Rules: Since this is our second round, rules can be found in our previous acceptance post.

And the Award Goes to: 

  1. Life is Short.Eat Hard
  2. Bam’s Kitchen
  3. Angie’s Food Adventures
  4. Expat Chef in Barcelona
  5. Our Adventure in Croatia

One Lovely Blog

one-lovely-blog-award Thank you to Kat from Travel.Garden.Eat for this lovely award.

Rules: Since this is our second round, rules can be found in our previous acceptance post.

And the Award Goes to:

  1. Eat and Beat Cancer
  2. Feeding Your Appetite
  3. Mix It up & Make It Nice
  4. The Travelling Chopsticks
  5. Delicious Pot

Congratulations to all the award recipients!

Disclosure: Some posts may contain affiliate links. For the full disclosure notice, read here

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  1. says

    Congratulations on a year of successful food sharing and looking at your recipes, I can see why you have so many well deserved awards. Thank you so much for thinking of me, it is greatly appreciated. Take care, BAM

  2. says

    You’re much too kind to include me among all of these fabulous blogs, so thank you for the thought and the mention, Perinaz (I popped over to your twitter page). SO many lovely writers to check out here! I’m looking forward to investigating your blogging friends, who obviously know a good thing when they see it. I can understand why you’re the recipient of all this recognition, as yours is truly a beautiful and inspiring blog to visit and learn from; I’m definitely glad to be here as you start your second year, Peri!

    • says

      Hi Sid, thank you for your kind words for our work. You have a wonderful website that I’m sure many here are going to love discovering too:) Your award mention is very well-placed and deserved! Hope you find something interesting in this list of sites…And thanks for joining in on Twitter, I’ve followed you right back (yes, I love my full name, though I’ve rarely been called by it since childhood, I think people in India and the US just find ‘Peri’ much easier! LOL) Looking forward to year two!

  3. says

    Congratulations on completing a fantastic year of blogging filled with inspiring cuisine! Just looking at this list of awards shows what a beautiful blog you have created.. and the friendships you’ve made. Thanks so much for giving me this award.. I always feel so honored and especially so when I see the company I keep:) xx

    • says

      Thanks for the wonderful wishes, Barbara, we have a mutual adoration for each others work then:) I love your site and writing style and recipes and pictures…beautiful and truly inspiring:) Yes, I thing the best part of this blogging world is the friendships that get created as we move along doing something we love…Truly appreciate your support:)

  4. says

    Hi Peri! Thank you for including intrepid allergy mum for nominations for the Liebster Award. It’s my first nomination, so I have received your nomination with a large element of surprise and some delight. The blog has only been going for twelve months, I set up the blog to help other Mum’s with some ideas for cooking for their allergic children, so thank you for stopping by and supporting the blog.
    I love your recipes and food styling and photography, and will be acknowledging your nomination soon! Hope 2013 is gentle, abundant and kind to you and your family. Charmainex

    • says

      Hi Charmaine, your site and endeavor are creditable and applaudable, especially since childhood allergies affect so many children and their moms, who are not prepared for it. While I’ve been lucky with my kids, I have friends who struggle with this challenge! Do keep up your amazing posts and keep spreading information on the subject…Your award is only a small nod of appreciation from my side. And thanks for your kind word on our site, I do enjoy making Indian-inspired food more accessible to everyone. XX Peri.

  5. says

    Oh My! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for my nomination. And of course a big big congratulations to you for receiving all of these awards. You DO most certainly deserve them all!! Looking forward to another year full of wonderful new ideas for delicious India food to enjoy.
    Much love light and JOY

    • says

      Namaste Jane:) Your site and posts on India thrill my soul. I visited India vicariously thru you this year! Thank you for your wishes and being such a great ambassador for India…you sure deserve the award:) And there are many more Indian meals and treats coming your way this year:) XX Peri.

  6. says

    Many many congratulations for your 1st birthday, for an amazing year of blogging! We loved reading your posts, making your recipes and you deserve all these awards : ) And my heartfelt thanks for the 2012 Blog of The Year Award, so very kind of you! Keep blogging, keep those lovely recipes coming ! :) xxx Ozlem

    • says

      Thank you, dear Ozlem! Your precious guidance and support have been a beacon for me many times in this first year:) Appreciate your comments and our friendship! And you so deserve the award, your site and recipes are brilliant, you’ve brought the beautiful world of Turkish in to our home! Xx Peri.

  7. Hilla D. says

    Congrats Peri’s Spice Ladle and all who have made this blog a culinary delight. You’ve done a great job for the past year and looking forward to following you many more years. Good luck and all the best.

  8. says

    Thank you, Peri, for Eat and Beat Cancer’s lovely blog award and for your lovely website. Love is the operative word–a love of research, writing and most of all, of life keeps me forging pathways to good health. Wisdom from India always helps.

    • says

      You are so welcome, Harriet, absolutely well-deserved! Yes, it is a love for life that must keep us all on this path. You are doing an amazing job raising awareness and spreading researched information. I depend a lot on old Indian wisdom and one that I believe most is ‘to always trust your inner voice’. Keep up the great work!


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