An Indian-style Spinach Curry with Mushrooms

Aren’t we all looking for more ways to get spinach into our meals? Isn’t there always room for ‘more green’ in our daily diet? Well, this Indian-style ‘green’ spinach curry is a really delicious answer to both those questions.

An Indian-Style Spinach Curry with Mushrooms

Inspired by the popular Indian entrée ‘Palak Paneer’ (spinach base with cottage cheese cubes), I’ve crafted this versatile spinach curry. This recipe uses mushrooms which are incorporated into most of my meals; they are healthy and add a meaty element to the dish. However, this palak (spinach) curry also works with corn, potatoes and chicken.

I like that this ‘green’ spinach curry offers an alternative to the tomato based red curries that we see more often in Indian food. Add to that, the innumerable benefits of anti-oxidant rich spinach loaded with heart-healthy vitamins, minerals, fiber and iron.

Here’s a wholesome and appetizing addition to our daily dose of green…

Spinach Curry served with Brown Rice

Serves 4 • Prep Time- 15 minutes • Hands-on cook time- 25 minutes

10 oz bag frozen spinach, thawed*
½ lb button or cremini (baby Portobello) mushroom, halved or quartered as per size
2 tablespoons canola oil
Salt and Pepper to season mushrooms
1 medium onion, chopped
2 teaspoons of ginger garlic paste (or 2 cloves minced garlic/ ½ inch grated ginger)
½ teaspoon red chili powder
½ teaspoon cumin powder
¼ teaspoon coriander powder
¼ teaspoon turmeric powder
¾ teaspoon salt
2 medium tomatoes, diced
Juice of half a lemon

*To thaw the spinach, just place it in a colander. Do not squeeze the water out of the thawed spinach since that ‘green’ water is rich with mineral and anti-oxidants.

Frozen Cut Spinach and Cremini (Baby Portobello) Mushrooms

Heat 1 tablespoon of oil; add the mushrooms. Sauté till they are browned, season with salt and pepper. Remove the mushroom in a bowl and leave them aside till required.

Mushrooms browning in the pan for the Spinach Curry

In the same pan, add the second tablespoon of oil and onions. Sauté for 5 minutes till the onions are pinkish brown. Add ginger garlic paste and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the dry spices and salt. Cook the spices with a few drops of water if the onion sticks to the bottom of the pan. Once the spices are done, add the tomatoes and ½ cup of water; cook 3-5 minutes.

‘Green’ Spinach Curry in the pan – Before and After Blending

Toss the thawed spinach in to the onion-tomato mix. Using an immersion hand blender or food processor, blend the spinach mix till it is a thick sauce-like consistency. (I like the curry a bit chunky, blend till your desired consistency is reached.) Cook on a medium flame letting the flavors come together in the pan. Add mushrooms and lemon juice to the spinach curry. Serve warm with brown rice and cucumber-onion raita.

This recipe is submitted for the Saint Patrick Challenge on Very Good Recipes.

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  1. says

    wow i love spinach and keep using in various forms but never tried with spinach. glad to find this spinach mushroom recipe. will definitely make it.

  2. says

    i am so excited to try this! palak paneer is one of my favorite dishes, and i’ve been very disappointed with the French versions of it. thank you for posting it.

  3. says

    Mmmm … I love making Palak Paneer! I’ve even fed it to someone who claimed they didn’t like spinach (I wonder what they thought the green stuff was?) But this looks like a great alternative to the paneer version!

    • says

      That’s funny! Yes, I’ve had non-spinach-loving friends love this recipe too:) I like changing it up with mushrooms, potatoes, peas, frozen corn, etc…paneer or cottage cheese remains an all time favorite! Thanks…

  4. says

    I love spinach and I love Indian spices. Incidentally I made a spinach dish in Catalan style today, which I will post tomorrow. So please don’t miss the delicious treat, which is my favourite way to take in the goodness of spinach. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope my blog will grow big, useful and beautiful like yours.

    • says

      Your site is coming along beautifully, will check it out in depth. Your link took me to your Istanbul food site, let me know where to find your Catalan spinach recipe. I love Turkish food since my dear friend, Ozlem introduced me to this delicious cuisine years back…you may want to check out her site Ozlem’s Turkish Table and connect with her. So glad to hear you like Indian spices…this spinach curry is wholesome and simple to make:) Thanks for visiting.

    • Peri's Spice Ladle says

      You’re on the right track with tofu, this curry is traditionally had with paneer or Indian cottage cheese! Thanks, hope you like it:)

    • says

      Thanks, this is a simple delicious recipe…

      And this is the spinach sauce used for ‘Palak Paneer’. Instead of using mushroom, use cubes of Indian cottage cheese (here a nice link that explains how to make homemade paneer, its very simple - or it is easily available at ethnic stores. Some Palak paneer recipes fry the cottage cheese before adding it to the spinach curry…personally, I like the fresh cubes in the Palak (spinach.) Enjoy it with rice or naan (Indian flatbread.)

  5. says

    Awesome recipe! I will have to make a few tweaks to make it fit paleo but it will fit perfectly as a side dish for a curried chicken recipe I have been using. Can’t wait to try this.

    • says

      Thanks for trying it:) This curry is healthy and super delicious at the same time…and so versatile, it will go well with the curried chicken and perhaps a side of Indian lentil, Daal…

      • says

        I am loving my curry! My next curry endeavor is sweet potato hash browns. I seem to really enjoy the curry with the coconut oil and am looking for a way to spice up my sweet potatoes.

        • says

          Glad you are…curries are delicious and you can add any meat or vegetable to them. A dash of cayenne, cumin powder, salt and pepper ought to bring the sweet potatoes to life:) Some cilantro for freshness and you have a winner…

  6. says

    This recipe looks good :) The nice thing about living in SG is the access to so many good Indian restos and ingredients — and I have palak paneer at least once a week (love it!).

    • says

      Thanks…I agree, my sis was in SG for a while and she never missed India!

      Palak Paneer is one of my favorites too, but getting the paneer is a trek to the Indian store:)

    • says

      Thanks for visiting, glad you like Indian food. You have a great site too, interesting pieces.

      The traditional Indian spinach curry is blended (you’ve probably heard of Palak Paneer)…but I agree, a lot of times I used to leave it chunky, has such a nice bite to it:) Now with kids, I blend it, they somehow go through it much faster!

  7. says

    Thank you for stopping by my page and liking the post with the Pesto Minestrone recipe. Your page looks great and so does your curry recipe. I will have to give it a try sometime!

    • says

      Thanks for visiting. This curry is simple to make and versatile to use, with any favorite vegetable or even, meat.

      Like your site too…and what a great idea to use pesto in the minestrone. Love both and can’t wait to put the flavors together.

    • says

      A no sodium curry paste sounds great…ready curry paste have way-too-high sodium contents, I use them sparingly…I’d like to know the brand if you like it.

      Thanks for visiting. Like your site, really interesting concept.

      • says

        it is a curry sauce from Mr. Spice that I bought from

        As I am not too familiar with curry flavors I am not sure if it would be considered “good” to someone else, but I do find it have very nice flavor. It gives me a good option since I do not know yet how to combine spices on my own to make a good curry flavor dish…it is on my list of new things to learn.

        • says

          This website seems like a great source for low sodium heart healthy good, thanks for putting me on to it…

          Even seasoned Indian food cooks use ready spices mixes at times, they are convenient and some combinations are easier out of the bottle. You might find my article on ’10 things to know about Indian spices’ helpful in getting started on curry spices, especially points 3 & 4. I’d be happy to answer any questions.

  8. says

    This looks so yummy! We have so many greens thanks to our CSA and finding interesting ways to use them is a (fun) challenge. And such a quick recipe, too.

    By the way, thanks so much for liking my post kids activities: salty pictures. It’s a really fun activity for kids!

    • says

      Loved your site, will be back there! The salt activity looks cool, my kids are going to love it…have bookmarked it for this weekend:)

      Thanks for visiting Peri’s Spice Ladle. I’m always looking for ways to use my greens, especially now when my garden will start getting profuse with Swiss chard and spinach.

    • says

      Thanks, hope to see you back here soon. The Tech Foodie is such a cool site, just started following you…love that piece on Ipad apps. French toast is definitely a favorite…and can’t go wrong with crepes, they look delicious:)

      • sabinereljic says

        I am obviously partial to technology, but I restrict it to one hour of screentime per day. So my kids have to choose between tv, computer or portable (ipad, etc.) if they want to have their screentime. I leave them alone on games, but I like to see them play a few that have educational values. There is a real treasure trove out there for that.

        • says

          Technology is too precious to ignore:) We follow similar rules, fixed ‘screen-times’ which include ‘a screen of their choice’…while I keep an eye out for apps that are fun and offer learning at the same time (so all of us are happy:)

    • says

      Thanks! I’m definitely with you on the fresh cottage cheese (paneer), love those with this spinach curry:) If you do add paneer, keep it fresh and don’t saute them, they absorb the spinach flavor and are even more delicious:) And I found a low- fat version of paneer at the Indian store recently.

  9. says

    Thanks Laura, I appreciate your trying the spinach curry, glad it turned out well:) and thanks for the link to the spinach curry in your amazing recipe for Curried Quinoa Salad, thanks to you I am using a lot more quinoa to replace rice, bread and chapati in our meals. Keep your wholesome and delicious recipes coming…love them.


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