The Lowdown on Lentils…And Recipes for ‘Daal Tadka’ and ‘Lentil Potato & Red Pepper Cakes’

Lentil Potato & Red Pepper cakes With Yogurt Mint Dip

Lentils are an integral part of cuisines across India and have been gaining in popularity in the rest of the world for their numerous health benefits and ease of cooking. Zenfully Delicious, an amazing online resource for persons handling food allergies, is running my second piece, titled ‘The Lowdown on Lentils’. The article highlights practical aspects of lentils; and don’t forget to read the ‘Want Another Helping?’ segment at the end, it has some good-to-read facts on lentils.(For those who missed it, Brown Rice 101 was my article and recipes covering the handling and cooking of brown rice on Zenfully Delicious.)

I crafted two recipes to go with the article, one is the much in demand slow cooker recipe for Daal Tadka (Indian tempered lentils) and the second recipe is a delicious idea for brunch or appetizers, ‘Lentil, Potato and Red Pepper cakes’ served with a chilled yogurt mint dip. 

Hope you enjoy it.

Daal Tadka- Indian Tempered Lentils

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  1. Hilla says

    Wonderful explanation! Truly informative. Must try your Lentil Potato & Red Pepper cakes with Yogurt Mint Dip soon! Sounds yummy !

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