Mouthwatering Memories from India

Peri's Spice Ladle, Indian-inspired Food for the Global Palate It’s heartening to walk into Indian restaurants in America now-a-days and see the customer demographics; people from all walks of American life are definitely intrigued and ready to sample Indian food. The writing on the wall is clear- ethnic cuisines are gaining in popularity and Indian-inspired flavors are everywhere.

As a food and wine enthusiast, I am always looking for ways to add Indian flavors to American favorites and tinker with Indian and Parsi classics, to create an end result more suited to the global palate.

Here are some of my inspirations…my posts in the coming months will offer recipes and practical insights on these inspirations.

Go ahead; add your own favorites to this list.

  • Visions of a steaming one-pot-meal of Parsi-style lamb stew (Jardaloo Salli Boti)
  • A street food adventure at ‘Chowpati beach’ in Mumbai. Starting with a tomato-cucumber-potato filled Bombay-sandwich, moving onto a puffed-rice mixture with chutneys (Bhel) and ending on a sweet note of cooling milk based pistachio ice-cream (Kulfi Falooda).
  • Thoughts of Parsi-style scrambled eggs (Akuri) with a crusty buttered baguette and whirls of steam rising from my ginger-spice tea (Chai.)
  • The cool crisp air of a Delhi morning and a hot breakfast of potato-stuffed Indian flat-bread (Aloo Paratha) with yogurt.
  • My favorite mango ‘lassi’- the original smoothie made with home-made yogurt.
  • An afternoon snack in Bangalore (well, let’s just call it ‘tiffin’ like the locals do) of steaming hot rice-lentil cakes and crepes (Idlis and Dosas) and coconut chutney.
  • The joys of a late night treat on the humid streets of Mumbai: mutton kebab, marinated onions and mint chutney wrapped in to an Indian flat-bread (Kathi Roll.)
  • And here’s to mashed-potato fritters in a chutney filled bun (Vada Pav) bringing back childhood memories of Pune.
  • The sheer genius of a chicken tikka pizza.

The list grows longer as visions of mouthwatering meals appear in front of my eyes. Tempted to infuse some Indian flavors into my day, I am off to make some minced meat (Kheema) flat-bread for dinner tonight.

For all of you, whose taste buds crave an ‘Indian fix’; try my recipe for ‘Masala Fish Fajitas’ this weekend. And keep an eye on your inbox every week for a delicious Indian-inspired recipe.

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  1. Nazneen says

    My mouth is watering already! I can’t wait to try out your recipes and keep up with your blog. There may be hope for this ABCD in the kitchen yet! :)

  2. says

    Dearest Peri:)

    So wonderful to see your post, loved your blog, it is heartwarming and looks very delicious!:) Can’t wait to get my weekly posts in my inbox and try your recipes!:) xxxx Ozlem

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